ISC 2011 will showcase Watson, Blue Gene and other HPC innovations

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ISAttendees at this year’s annual International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) will have the opportunity to learn how IBM innovations in supercomputing are addressing today’s most challenging business and scientific research issues. At the ISC 2011 event in Hamburg, Germany, from June 20 to June 23, IBM will focus on the theme “High Performance Computing for a Smarter Planet.”

As Europe’s leading exhibition for topics related to high-performance computing (HPC), the four-day conference will draw HPC experts from around the world and feature exhibitors from 45 countries. IBM will demonstrate how it is setting new performance standards with HPC solutions based on IBM® System x®, IBM POWER® and IBM Blue Gene® technology—IBM Blue Gene supercomputers are currently the most energy-efficient systems in the world.

IBM will also showcase Watson, the supercomputing system that went from a modest DeepQA machine to a formidable contestant on Jeopardy! For Watson to rival the speed of its human competitors in delivering a precise answer to any given question required custom algorithms, terabytes of storage managed by GPFS™, and thousands of IBM POWER7® computing cores working in a massively parallel system. Attendees will learn how this leap forward in data analytics technology is poised to impact business and science.

In keeping with ISC’s reputation for showcasing the very latest in supercomputing technology, IBM will launch its System Storage® DCS3700 disk storage solution at a special session during the conference. The DCS3700 is designed to dramatically enhance storage access for HPC systems. And with heat generation remaining a challenge as HPC systems grow ever more powerful, IBM will present a System x iDataPlex® cluster with innovative hot-water cooling technology.

Experts from IBM are in demand as speakers at the event. At the annual hot-seat session, Don Grice, Distinguished Engineer in the IBM Systems and Technology Group, will cover platform-independent tools and software. He will also present a special session on scalable and fault-tolerant interconnection networks for large-scale supercomputers. The exhibitor forum will feature a discussion on hot-water cooling for energy-hungry data centers by Dr. Ingmar Meijer, hot-water cooling project leader at IBM Research Switzerland. Other IBM experts will talk on HPC cloud computing, the IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) system and other IBM HPC innovations.

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