February 5th Launch Extends the IBM Technical Computing Portfolio

IBM Systems and Software take off with dramatic performance gains and industry-leading scalability

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TC Insights Feb 5th AnnouncementFebruary 5 saw the launch of an array of new IBM innovations designed to make technical computing simpler, more cost-efficient and dramatically more powerful for users of clusters, grids and high-performance computing (HPC) clouds. Systems and software on the launchpad includes the IBM® System x® iDataPlex® dx360 M4 high-performance computing system, and enhanced IBM Platform Computing™ workload and resource management software.

Analytics, imaging and simulation workloads require extreme computational power, and at the same time, IT budgets are under pressure as managers strive to meet business demands in the most cost-effective way. The newly upgraded iDataPlex dx360 M4 is designed to meet these needs for the most challenging cluster, grid or cloud environments.

The unique half-depth iDataPlex form factor helps improve compute density in space-constrained data centers while maximizing power and cooling efficiency. The upgraded system supports the new Intel® Xeon® Phi™ coprocessor and the latest NVIDIA® graphic processing units (GPUs) for remote 3-D desktops or other specialty workloads. The top-bin 135 watt Intel Xeon E5-2690 processor delivers exceptional performance, and new networking and fibre channel adapters offer a variety of choices to fit customer requirements.

Other innovations are designed to provide greatly enhanced flexibility and scalability for clusters, grids, HPC clouds and big data analytics environments. For example, organizations can now use the CPU and memory affinity scheduling capability in the latest release of IBM Platform LSF® to reduce the time and resources required for deploying parallel jobs. Leveraging the Platform LSF integration with IBM Parallel Environment, users can benefit from industry-leading scale and performance for jobs requiring up to 160,000 cores and consuming less than a minute of startup time. 

The IBM Platform LSF product family provides powerful workload management for distributed technical computing environments. It includes a complete set of resource-aware scheduling, monitoring, workflow, analysis and license management capabilities designed to work together to address technical computing needs. The updated solution includes enhanced LSF add-ons such as IBM Platform Application Center V9.1. This robust, easy-to-use interface to access clusters and HPC cloud resources has been extended to support “out-of-the-box” secure integration of 2-D and 3-D visualization technologies. It also has an enhanced web services interface for plug-and-play connectivity into a client’s environment.

IBM Process Manager v9.1 now supports non-LSF schedulers including IBM Platform™ Symphony, along with tighter integration with Platform Application Center. IBM Platform RTM v9.1 provides intuitive, real-time monitoring of resources to quickly alert administrators to events requiring action and helps reduce downtime and IT support costs. IBM Platform License Scheduler v9.1.1 provides enhanced project mode for faster scheduling, improved utilization and new hierarchal project definitions for increased flexibility. 

Cluster management is enhanced with new capabilities in IBM Platform Cluster Manager - Standard Edition, making it easier for system administrators to set up, deploy and manage a cluster of servers as a single system. Tight xCAT integration provides improved scalability and reliability for users.
New capabilities also enable organizations to gain increased insight into the performance and utilization of multiple clusters, grids or clouds. The enhanced IBM Platform Analytics offering provides out-of-the-box tools to correlate, analyze and visualize massive amounts of Platform Symphony, Platform LSF, IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS™) and other resource data for improved cluster operations.

Companies of all sizes need to optimize their IT infrastructure to accelerate business results with high-performance technical computing solutions designed to embrace the rise of compute and data-intensive applications and achieve competitive advantage. The combination of IBM iDataPlex high-performance systems with IBM Platform Computing management software delivers significant value to technical computing clients in need of high-performance, cost-effective, easy-to-use, comprehensive solutions. The February 5 launch adds key advancements designed to extend this IBM Technical Computing portfolio and its value to customers with innovative solutions for dynamic, flexible environments.

To learn more, please visit: ibm.com/technicalcomputing and ibm.com/platformcomputing