Refreshed Technical Computing portfolio features exciting innovations

Powerful lineup stars new IBM NeXtScale System, Application Ready Solutions, Platform Computing and POWER offerings

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TC-Insights-TCO ToolThe expectation for companies to accelerate time-to-value and reduce costs in today’s new computing era has never been higher. It is critical that information technology (IT) partners provide agile, cost-effective solutions that improve client outcomes. With the latest update to its Technical Computing portfolio, IBM is providing leading-edge innovation and integration, and enabling increased customer value through performance gains, scalability and ease of use.

The innovation starts with the new IBM® NeXtScale System™, which helps organizations pack twice the compute power of a standard x86 rack system into space-constrained data centers while reducing power and cooling expenses. Based on open standards, the NeXtScale System delivers extreme density and energy-efficiency with modular packaging that fits within a standard rack footprint.

The self-contained NeXtScale n1200 chassis offers up to 12 bays in a 6U design for a whopping 84 compute nodes in a single rack. It also offers the ability to mix and match compute, storage and acceleration nodes to meet the customer's technical computing requirements.

IBM is making it easy to reap the benefits of the NeXtScale System, as well as the rest of the IBM Technical Computing portfolio, through the simple-to-deploy IBM Application Ready Solutions. Designed to streamline management and accelerate performance, these solutions are based on IBM Platform Computing™ software and powerful IBM systems, integrated and optimized for applications from leading independent software vendors (ISVs).

Working in cooperation with select ISVs, IBM has added Application Ready Solutions and reference architectures for Dassault Systemes’ Abaqus finite element analysis (FEA), MSC Software’s Nastran, Patran and SimManager, and mpiBLAST to deliver easy-to-manage, high-performance modeling, simulation and analysis environments. IBM also updated existing Application Ready Solutions to the latest IBM systems, management software and ISV applications for ANSYS, Schlumberger and multipurpose technical computing environments.

For any of these new or updated solutions, customers can choose from a wider range of hardware than ever before. IBM announced it is offering the choice of IBM Flex System™, IBM Power Systems™ or NeXtScale for small, medium or large system requirements.

Also added to the technical computing lineup is a new Application Ready Solution for IBM InfoSphere® BigInsights™. This solution provides a powerful big data MapReduce analytics environment and reference architecture based on IBM PowerLinux™ servers, IBM Platform™ Symphony, IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS™) and IBM integrated storage. The new solution is ideal for telecommunication clients and other businesses with real-time analytics requirements. Learn how this solution helped a company in Asia improve its response times by a factor of four to become a much more agile, client-centric company.

Enhancements to IBM Platform Symphony and other IBM Platform Computing software accelerate time-to-results and reduce costs with powerful workload, resource and high-performance computing (HPC) cloud management. Improvements to IBM Platform HPC help ensure faster time-to-cluster-readiness, simplified management and ease of use in a single integrated product, with tight xCAT integration for increased scalability and reliability. IBM Platform LSF® delivers performance at scale together with improved utilization and support for ARM processors and energy aware scheduling, while IBM Platform Symphony now provides support for coprocessor harvesting, enabling organizations to schedule and manage Intel®Xeon Phi™ coprocessors in addition to the wide variety of compute resource types Platform Symphony is already able to manage with ease and speed. An improved dashboard and tighter integration with IBM GPFS are just a few of the new features that collectively deliver faster results on a low-cost shared infrastructure that is simpler and more cost-efficient to manage and maintain.

From the storage perspective, IBM has enhanced the breakthrough IBM System x GPFS Storage Server with usability improvements and support for new 4 TB drives. This storage solution is clearly in a league of its own, with the ability to access an impressive 1.39 PB of storage in a single rack with integrated solid-state drives and easy modular expansion. Providing a balanced, high-performance storage solution at a great price, the GPFS Storage Server is an excellent choice to meet growing storage needs.

IBM x86-based and IBM POWER®-based systems offer new levels of processing performance. IBM is refreshing the IBM System x servers, System x iDataPlex® and IBM Flex System with processors based on the new Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 V2 processors. Flex System is also available with IBM POWER7+™ compute nodes. IBM HPC software tools suite—including Parallel Environment, Engineering Scientific Subroutine Library (ESSL) and Parallel ESSL—were enhanced to provide clients with a faster HPC application development and runtime environment for POWER7+ and x86 technology.

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