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In this issue:
  • IBM Proventia Network Multi-Function Security Firmware Update version 4.1
  • EOL Announcement for BlackICE PC Protection and BlackICE Server Protection 
  • EOL Notice for the Security Awareness Program
  • Upcoming Feature Upgrade Affects Backup Capabilities of Proventia Network Mail

 1. IBM Proventia Network Multi-Function Security Firmware Update version 4.1

IBM Internet Security Systems Proventia Network MFS Appliance, Firmware version 4.1 is now available via the ISS Download Center.

This firmware update can be applied to all existing models of the Proventia Network MFS product line: MX0804, M10, MX1004, M30, MX3006, MX4006, MX5008, M50, MX5010, and MX5110.

Firmware 4.1 includes feature additions and enhancements which include:

  • Firewall Enhancements
    • Traffic Shaping (QoS) – Traffic Prioritization, Bandwidth Enforcement, and Bandwidth Guarantees
    • Dual WAN (ISP Failover)
    • Usability Enhancements for firewall interface including Drag-N-Drop policy configuration.
  • SSL VPN Remote Access feature addition
    • Hosted feature set that competes with standalone SSL VPN appliances
    • Three mode access (web only, web with TCP forwarding applet, and full network interface client)
    • Pre-authentication security checking
  • Local Value Reporting feature addition
    • Appliance performance reporting on the appliance (not requiring SiteProtector software)
    • Value-based reporting ideal for upper management review
    • Metrics available to be emailed to selected personnel on a weekly basis.

Please contact your IBM Internet Security Systems sales associate or IBM business partner for SSL VPN Licensing and Maintenance pricing.

Product Lifecycle Information

This release does not affect the product lifecycle for the appliance hardware.

End of Sale

The end of Sale of previous versions is not applicable for this release. 

Technical Support

Please note that it may be necessary to upgrade to the latest firmware version to resolve product issues.  To log a support incident on-line or for more customer support information:

Upgrade Path

IBM ISS recommends the updating to Proventia Network MFS firmware 4.1 to ensure continuous security content updates.  Please refer to the ISS Product Lifecycle Policy for more information regarding product support.

Additional Information

2. EOL Announcement for BlackICE PC Protection and BlackICE Server Protection

As previously announced, IBM Internet Security Systems will discontinue support for BlackICE PC Protection and BlackICE Server Protection on September 29th, 2008.

Product Milestone Date
End of Life (EOL) for BlackICE PC Protection and BlackICE Server Protection Sept. 29th, 2008

Customer Support

3. EOL Notice for the Security Awareness Program

IBM Internet Security Systems is announcing the End of Life (EOL) for the Security Awareness Program offering.  This offering is being withdrawn from sale effective immediately.  IBM Internet Security Systems will not be renewing customer subscriptions beyond their current contract expiration date.  Existing customers will continue to receive support for this offering through the expiration of their current contract term, at which time all support will be discontinued.     

Product Lifecycle Milestones

  • End of Life (EOL) for Security Awareness Program - Varies per customer, upon contract expiration
  • End of Sale (EOS) -  August 19, 2008



4. Upcoming Feature Upgrade Affects Backup Capabilities of Proventia Network Mail

The upcoming release of version 1.6 for IBM Proventia Network Mail Security System and Proventia Network Mail Virtual Appliance will include changes to the backup capabilities available in the current (v1.5) and previous versions of the appliance. In v1.5 and earlier, Proventia Network Mail offers three backup options: Settings, System and Datastore. In these versions, customers have the option to "quarantine" (store) e-mail locally that match criteria in the filter system. This e-mail is stored in the Datastore backup.

With the release of v1.6, Datastore backup will be changed to backup log files only.  After migrating to v1.6,  Datastore backup will no longer be available, and Datastore backup will be replaced by Log Files backup. All backups previous to v1.6 will no longer be compatible, and the continued use of the Database backup will result in the backup of log files only.

Per standard IBM ISS lifecycle policy, v1.5 will continue to receive customer support until the next major firmware upgrade (ex. 3.x), at which time an end-of-life (EOL) announcement for all 1.x firmware versions will be made. Additionally, if a customer chooses not to migrate to v1.5 to utilize Datastore backup, the customer should be aware that, at any time, a customer may be asked to migrate to v1.6 as part of troubleshooting steps.

With version 1.6, the following options will be available:
- Settings Snapshot
- Automatic Settings Snapshots
- Full System Backup
- Log Files Backup
- Customizable ProvInfo Export
- Archive rules education for Email Archiving

Please contact your local IBM ISS representative with questions or concerns.